The LEO Foundation Award


LEO Foundation Award pic

LEO Foundation Award

The president of the PRI Management Group in Miami, Florida, Edward “Ed” Claughton provides a range of information management consulting services to members of the law enforcement community. He formerly served as a lieutenant with the Coral Gables Police Department. Over the course of his career as a policeman, Edward Claughton received a number of honors, including a 2003 LEO Foundation Award.

Founded by Donald Carlin in 1998, the nonprofit Law Enforcement Officers Charitable Foundation (LEO Foundation) is dedicated to honoring the efforts of policies officers and other law enforcement personnel in Greater Miami-Dade County. It also spearheads a number of charitable initiatives and sponsors the LEO Foundation Award.

Carlin’s dreams of recognizing the outstanding efforts of local police officers with a celebratory event led to the establishment of both the LEO Foundation Award and the annual LEO Gala. Winners of the LEO Foundation Award occupy a place of honor at the LEO Gala, receiving a solid bronze trophy that depicts a lion holding a Miami-Dade County police badge.


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